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Closet Design 101

Closet Design 101

I’m Denise Butchko, closet industry pioneer and award winning designer, and I’ll be your coach through Closet Design 101. 

I bring over fifteen years of hands-on closet design experience and eight years of being on the panel of judges for the closet industries “Top Shelf” design awards.

I’m the author of the books “How To Design a Walk In Closet” and “The Consumer Guide to Closet Design”. As a member of the Association of Closet and Storage Professionals, I'm part of the first graduating class of Registered Storage Designers. And through my involvement with the National Kitchen and Bath Association I'm part of their top rated speakers at the National Kitchen and Bath Show. As a result, I was invited to participate in their pilot speaker education program where I travel to different chapters and present closet design programs. And I'm 100% committed to furthering education and design in the industry.

Because of that commitment, I created "Closet Design 101". It's the premiere training for people who want to learn how to design and sell closets.

So if you want to go beyond just putting double hang, long hang and shelving into a space and calling it a custom closet, here’s your chance.

-No more wondering about whether things will work or not.

 -No more questions about how to design for corner space. 

-No more losing the sale because your designs are subpar. You need to differentiate yourself from your competition and great design is the best way to do that.

-No more racing to the bottom with your pricing because people are just buying a commodity, they're buying you and your solid expertise and experience.

Because when you complete "Closet Design 101" you’ll have the confidence to: 

-Guide your clients on the best design solutions for their space and within their budget. 

-Quickly design simple closet spaces for maximum efficiency. 

 -Ask your clients the crucial questions that net a great design that they will want to buy. 

-Stand toe-to-toe with any other company in the marketplace, knowing you’ve got the basic design principles down and are ready to roll.

-Be empowered to go beyond "a man with a van and a plan" mentality and really design space effectively. 

And best of all you'll get me as your coach! 

After you complete each of the three lessons, we'll schedule an online coaching session to review the design exercises and answer any questions you might have about closet design and sales. 

You also get a downloadable copy of the "Closet Design Bible" (as most students call it). It's a comprehensive design manual that has received rave reviews from everyone who uses it. It pays for itself 100 times over and becomes your "go to" source for answering questions as they occur in real life closet design scenarios. 

The course itself lives online and you have access to it 24 - 7, so you can get at things whenever you need to.

This quick video covers what's in the course...

This quick video explains Closet Design 101

Here's what others have to say...........

Nancy Langway, Senior Design Consultant, Expert Closets 

“I first met Denise at the Closet Expo in Austin, TX over 4 years ago. I attended one of her presentations and found her very inspiring! 

Denise is generous and energetic, graciously sharing her vast closet industry experience, talent and tips on storage design and solutions. As a highly qualified industry leader and designer, her projects and portfolio are impressive, fascinating and well thought out. She has solved numerous design issues and teaches you how to do the same. Her advice is invaluable and always pouring out of her during classes and conversations. She is fun, funny and keeps you engaged. 

I have been a Closet Designer for over 14 years and she is a gem to meet and listen to. She is accessible and available. 

Denise is a great teacher, trainer with a fountain of design talent, and I always learn something new sitting in her audience. I highly recommend her Closet Design 101 class, participating in one of her webinars or attending one of her presentations.” 

Shelley Wehner, Co-Owner, Cabinet Concepts By Design

“I listened to Denise speak at a Expo a couple years ago and found her information very intriguing. We were getting ready to introduce custom closets to our already established custom cabinet business. There were many things to learn and hurdles to jump in order for us to manufacture and design closets for our clientele. 

After Denise's seminar, we started doing more research on the manufacturing and designing of custom closets and decided that Denise's Closet's 101 was a great place to start. Our company purchased the training module, which was money well spent! However, the most valuable thing we have is access to her vast knowledge of the industry. With Denise's help, we are confidently rolling out closets to our clients like we have been doing it for years. We owe Denise a big thanks for being so accessible to us, and so willing to share her knowledge! Thanks a bunch, and I look forward to seeing you at another Expo!” 

Marcia Perrotte, Kitchen and Bathroom Designer

“After being in the Design industry for several years and attending an NKBA Ottawa Chapter presentation by Denise Butchko, I personally reached out to her in order to better under the Closet Design Industry. 

I found Denise's knowledge to be very informative, professional and on point, infused with a great sense of humour, making my decision to join the Closet Design industry a very easy one. Thank you Denise! 

Paul Lantz, Industrial & Construction Supplies Executive

“Denise shares and mentors her in-depth expertise in design exceptionally well. Her personable approach and real life sales experience helped our company kick off our new closet product launch with a bang. Excellent work and common sense to boot.”

At the end of the first session you will be able to effectively design a Reach In Closet. 

-Incorporate the needs of the client and understand how to work around basic obstacles like ledges or electric panels. 

-Know what information you need to record and which measurements you need to take in order to effectively design a solution for their client. 

-Have an understanding of common industry terms and structures utilized in everyday closet design.

At the end of the second session you will be able to effectively design Basic Walk In Closets while including as many of the items on the client wish list as possible. 

-Have guidelines on the best place to locate things like shoe shelves, drawers, double hang and long hang. You'll understand what elements increase cost and be able to work with those in your designs.

At the end of the third session you will be confident in taking on more complex closet design scenarios. Those can include projects where the client identifies very specific parameters or spaces with complicated obstacles and specific budgetary constraints. You'll understand how to work with designers and architects to create powerful, prosperous relationships. And you'll be ready to explain the thinking behind your proposed design solutions with your clients.

More details 

As soon as you register, you'll have instant access to all of the materials and exercises. So if you're as excited about learning as I am about teaching, you'll dive right in! And included in this course is your own copy of the most comprehensive design guide available. This Closet Design Manual will become your design bible!

 No specific software is required. You can hand draw or you can use whatever software you're currently using. 

You'll have access to the course's online lessons for a whole year. 

The private coaching sessions will expire 90 days from receipt of payment for this course. So, get into action now.