Boutique Inspired Closet Design

 Discover Tips and Gain Insights on Best Practices for High End Closet Design

What you’ll get out of this session:

The percentage of people wanting high end boutique closet design is increasing.

As people realize and acknowledge the value of storage space in their homes, many, particularly women, are allocating space to “dream closets” much like men have been allocating man space in the garage and the basement. 

Not only will this session show you examples of rooms that were turned into dream closets, I’ll share some integral tools leading up to the design and execution of such detailed and intensely personal spaces. 

I'm going to show you:

  • The Advanced Assessment - this goes beyond shoe count and long hanging. I'll share the wide array of info I gather that's required for an effective design solution for both you and your client at this advanced level. 
  • How to match "flow" and "function" with space parameters. This goes beyond putting in a "closet system" and into design aesthetics. 
  • It's not about the money. Only IT IS about the money. I'll share ways to discuss budgeting for such big, fancy closet spaces. 
  • I'll answer your questions - so - here's your chance to ask me about closet design issues. 

Why ask me? I'm the author of "The Consumer Guide To Closet Design", "How to Design a Walk In Closet" and I teach professionals just like you how to design and sell closets. I'm won a Top Shelf Design Award, judge the industries design competition and am part of the NKBA's Chapter Education Program.

I had been designing closets for about 10 months before I started Denise Butchko’s Closet Design Program. This training program is an organized method enabling me to become a better and more confident designer. I particularly loved her real-life exercises designed to prepare me for how to handle difficult design challenges in the field. I gained a great amount of confidence through learning from a structured, and practical program. Lastly, she made herself available if there was any need for clarification on any part of the design program. Denise is a tremendous asset to me. 

Sheree Jones, Designer, Symmetry Closets 

As a business owner – it’s been relief to have Denise as a resource to my staff as a professional closet designer and trainer. Denise’s closet design program, and working with my staff, has allowed me to turn my attention to other things that my business requires. Denise touches in with me from time to time to make sure her program is effective, valuable, and well-suited to my business needs. Thank you, Denise. 

Bonnie Reich, Owner, Symmetry Closets