Whether it's tiny space or big space, getting the most out of storage is the key to organization bliss.
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As an author, speaker, and  leading expert in closet design and judge for the closet industries "Top Shelf Design Awards",
I've seen lots and lots of closets.  
So, after over a decade of designing closets for clients, I've taken my top insights and put them into
a booklet to help you!
These expert insights will help you get closer to  the dream closet you've always wanted!


Want to create the closet of your dreams but not sure where to  get started?
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I'm taking my years of experience designing thousands of closets and sharing the best tips with you so you can get better closet space. The areas I can help you with are:

  • Why to "Just Say NO to Shelves Below". You want to see all of the items in your closet. Not have them hidden under clothing
  • How to store shoes the best way. We all have shoes and we love them. Gain insights on the best way to store them for a long and happy shoe life.
  • The value of "deep" and "shallow" (and we're not talking your personality here). Deeper shelves aren't always better. Learn why along with the luxurious benefits shallow shelving provides.
  • How to choose between "angled", "flat" or "cubbies" when it comes to methods of organizing your space.
  • How to design for "Lone Star Long Hang". We all have at least a few full length garments. But maybe our closet spaces can be re-arranged so the things we use the least aren't getting in the way of the things we use the most.
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